IJP Editorial Board


Journal Editor
Courtenay Young, (Scotland, UK):;
B.Sc.; PostGradCertEd; Dip. Psych; UKCP registered psychotherapist; NHS Counsellor; Eclectic (Humanistic, Body-oriented, Transpersonal) psychotherapist in private practice.

Associate Editor:
Alexander Filz, (Ukraine):
MD; PhD: Assoc Prof; psychiatrist; psychoanalytical psychotherapist, lecturer at University of Lviv. 

Associate Editor: 
Alicja Heyda, (Poland):
Ph.D. in Medical Biology; Psychologist, psychotherapist, psychotherapy supervisor, psycho-oncologist, researcher; Certified Breathwork Practitioner (GBTA); Vice-President of Polish Federation for Psychotherapy; Board member of Polish Association for Integrative Psychotherapy; Vice-Chair of Science and Research Committee (SRC) of EAP; Affiliations: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology, Gliwice Branch, Poland.

Assistant Editor:

Marzena Rusanowska (Poland) (or:;

Ph.D. in Social Sciences, specialization: psychology; psychologist, psychotherapist, researcher; Current affiliation: Institute of Psychology; Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland. 

Abstract Translators:
Godehard Stattmüller (Ger.); Joanna Graham Wilson (Fr.); Victoria Orlova (Ru.)

Journal & Editorial Administration


  • Snezana Milenkovic (Serbia)e-mail; Ph.D.; University Professor of Psychotherapy at the University of Novi Sad; Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Psychology; Honorary President of the Serbian Union of Associations of Psychotherapy (SUAP); President of the Serbian Society for Integrative Art Psychotherapy.

  • Peter Schütz (Austria): e-mailM.Sc., MBA, Lecturer Economic University Vienna; President & teaching psychotherapist Austrian training center for NLP & NLPt; Psychotherapist, ECP; Austrian Circle for Group Dynamic and Group Psychotherapy (OeAGG); Elected counsellor, Vienna Chamber of Commerce (coaching & counselling chapter).

  • Renée Oudijk (The Netherlands): e-mail; Dutch Certified Psychotherapist, private praxis in Sittard, NL; Researcher Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Research Centre for Innovative Entrepreneurship, Sittard, NL; Director  School of Psychodrama, Sittard, NL; Ph.D. student at Maastricht University NL; Dept. Economy: Marketing of Services Education; M.A. Social and Community Studies, Medical Dept., De Montfort University Leicester, UK; B.A. Social Agology, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Tilburg, NL; B.A. Pedagogy and Developmental Psychology of Special Needs, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Tilburg, NL; Associations: Chairperson European Training Standard Committee (ETSC); Trainer, Educator, Practitioner, Psychodrama, TEP, Nordic Board (NO, SE, FI) and Dutch Belgian Board of Examiners (BE, NL); International Expert Psychodrama, EAP Training Accrediting Committee (TAC).

  • Milena Karlinska-Nehrebecka (Poland): e-mailPresident of Polish Federation for Psychotherapy, Vice President of Polish Association for Integrative Psychotherapy, Training Department Director of the Polish Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy, Ph.D. graduate of the University of Sigmund Freud in Vienna; psychotherapy supervisor, clinical psychologist; member of Scientific & Research Committee (SRC) of European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).

  • Vesna Petrovic (Serbia): e-mail; Ph.D.; University Professor of Theoretical and Practical Psychology  at the Union University of Belgrade; Head of the Masters in Psychotherapy Programme, Faculty of Low and Business Studies dr Lazar Vrkatić Novi Sad; Founder and President of the Serbian Association of Integrative Psychotherapy, Member of Scientific & Research Committee (SRC) of European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).

  • Godehard Stadmüller (Germany): e-mail; 

    M.D., Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Psychosomatic Medicine; Trainer in Behavioural Psychotherapy & Psychodynamic Psychotherapy; Teacher (Docunt) in German Association of Depth Psychotherapy; Teaching Fellow in Bonding Psychotherapy; former Medical Director of Adula Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine.

  • Heward Wilkinson, (UK): e-mail; D. Psychotherapy (Middlesex U); MSc Psychotherapy (Leeds U); MA (Lancaster); BA (Cantab); Certificate in Education; Registered Mental Nurse; Registered Integrative Psychotherapist, United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), Accredited UKCP Supervisor; IJP Founding Editor; Honorary Member, European Association for Psychotherapy; Honorary Fellow, UKCP; Honorary Fellow European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy; Founder Director, Scarborough Psychotherapy Training Institute; 3 times Chair of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College of UKCP; Committee Member of De Vere Society; Committee Member of Leavis Society.

  • Anne Colgan, (Ireland)e-mail; MIACP, MIAHIP, MECP, SIAHIP, Psychotherapist, Clinical Director, Vice-Chair of Irish Council of Psychotherapy

  • Ingrid Pirker-Binder, (Austria): e-mail; MA (Economics), MA (Pedagogics), PhD (Psychotherapy: SFU); AAPB, ISMA, Health Consultant, Psychotherapist (Logotherapy & Existential Analysis), Author, Lecturer.

  • Enver Cèsko (Kosovo): e-mail; M.Sc., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and certified Body Psychotherapist and Positive Transcultural Psychotherapist, international trainer and supervisor.
  • Susanne Vosmer (UK):  e-mail; Clinical Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society; Group Analyst and Full member of the Institute of Group Analysis and the Group Analytic Society International; Clinical Tutor at the University of Hull; Research supervisor, examiner and reviewer.  
  • María Paz Cardín García, (Spain): email; PhD, Doctor in Psychology, Clinical Psychologist (Academic Award) by Universidad Cardenal Cisneros; Certified Somatic Psychotherapist by the International Institute for Biosynthesis, IIBS; CBT, Certified Therapist in Bioenergetic Analysis by IIBA, International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis. International Senior Trainer in Biosynthesis.

We are in the process of completing all the affiliations of the Editorial Board (and the International Advisory Board) as part of the application process to the PubMedCentral, Scopus, and the Thompson-Reuters Social Science Citations Index.


Our most recent face-to-face meeting of the IJP Editorial Board was in Vienna in February 2020, just before the pandemic started.  However, since then, our meeting in October 2020 and February 2021 was by Zoom.
The Editorial Board sometimes also 'meets' via a skype conference call in between the face-to-face meetings. There are regular e-mail updates; also with the International Advisory Board (here).
We welcome any level of involvement and participation.
   We are also very open to new people wishing to join the IJP Editorial Board.  Since we are now meeting more and more by Zoom, we only require that someone (a) fits the basic requirements (below); (b) asks to join, and (c) submits a short CV, before their name can be put for election at the next IJP Editorial Board meeting. 
   Our next official IJP Editorial Board meeting will be on-line (by Zoom) on October 21st, 2021.

The next IJP Editorial Board meeting after that will (possibly/hopefully) be face-to-face, (maybe) in Vienna,
in March 2022.

For the latest version of the IJP Editorial News: please click here.


The basic requirements of being a member of the IJP Editorial Board are;
(i) That you are professionally involved in the practice of psychotherapy in Europe; this involvement can be as a clinician, academic, trainer/supervisor, author, publisher, etc.
(ii)  That you have written several published, professional
 articles, and/or chapters, and/or books, to do with psychotherapy, etc.
(iii)  That you are associated - in some way - with the EAP; and/or a National Awarding Organisation (NAO) (in a European country)
; and/or a European-Wide Accrediting Organisation (EWAO) (for a modality of psychotherapy); and/or a European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute (EAPTI); and/or are an Individual Member of the EAP.
(iv).  That you feel that you can commit to this role for at least 2 years.

If you fit these basic requirements and wish to be considered, please send an e-mail with the relevant information (above) to: