About Book Reviews

We consider that Book Reviews are an essential part of the "professional / scientific" publication process. 

Book Reviews are often somewhat undervalued, but they are almost as important as the actual books themselves. Book Reviews inform other people as to the existence of a new book, and also of another professional's (considered) opinions about that book. They can also put a new publication "in context"; and they form a very significant part of the "web of science". The IJP is therefore dedicated to publishing professional reviews of books about psychotherapy - published in English - as well as in other languages. 
So, we hereby invite you to join our Book Reviewing 'team'.

For a List of Newly Published UK-US (English-language) Books Available for Review 
(April, 2017) - please click here

We currently have about 50 books that need reviewing. 

Whenever you ask us, you can receive one of these newly published books that have been sent to us specifically for review; and then you just have to read it (properly); and write a review of it (usually about 600-800 words); then we will publish the review (with your name in print); and so you get to keep the book. You can probably even claim some CPD points, as well. It is also extremely courteous to let the publisher know that you have written this review.

If you have not reviewed books before, there is information on the IJP website about "Book Reviewing", just click here
We would
also love it if you wanted to review any psychotherapy books that have been published in your own language or country: so, please contact us (here).

Recently Published Book Reviews

For the IJP's collection of (about 60) recently published Book Reviews, please go here
(These previously published Book Reviews are all available as a free PDF download)

On-line Book Reviews

We also have a large and almost unique on-line collection of book reviews of newly-published English-language psychotherapy books. These have been provided for the IJP by Jacqueline A. Carleton (one of the IJP International Advisory Board) and her interns. This is an incredibly invaluable resource for anyone interested in relatively new (English-language) psychotherapy publications. They are much too numerous to list individually, so we have published them in 'collections'.    

Please see: Resource List 1; and/or Resource List 2; and/or Resource List 3; and/or Resource List 4; and/or Resource List 5; and/or Resource List 6; and/or Resource List 7; and/or Resource List 8; and/or Resource List 9.

(Please click on the 'blue' text links) 

You can also ask to review one of the recently published Routledge & Psychology Press books (click here) or one of these recently published Sage Publication books (click here) on our behalf. Just write to the Book Review Editor of Routledge, Sage - or any other publisher - and tell them that you would like to review that particular book for the International Journal of Psychotherapy. They will usually send you the book directly: but if they question anything, please refer them to us.

For a List of Newly Published UK-US (English-language) Books Available for Review
(April, 2017) - please click here

We currently have about 50 books that need reviewing.