Articles for Review

Unpublished Articles that are Available for Review

All the articles published in the IJP are double-blind peer-reviewed (whereby the reviewer is unaware of the author's name; and the author is unaware who has reviewed their article) by two diifferent people. There is a fuller description of the "double-blind peer-review" process here.

We have a team of professional reviewers to look at the articles that have been submitted for publication: these people are all either members of our Editorial Board; or the International Advisory Board; or other psychotherapist professionals with particular specialisations (like research); and ... we also ask all our published authors to join in with our peer-review process. 

We also accept - as reviewers and book reviewers (see here) - trainee psychotherapists from European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institutes (EAPTI) and from Masters & Doctoral training courses in psychotherapy - and we have written guidelines about how to review a book for a professional journal.

So, if you would like to join our team or reviewers and review one of the articles below, please contact our Assistant Editor: Marzena Rusanowska: 
Or, if you know of anyone who might be interested in becoming a peer-reviewer of articles for the IJP: please ask them to contact Marzena Rusanowska.
(N.B. We like all our reviewers to submit a few professional details about themselves and their interests, so that we can 'best fit' them to the available articles.)

Articles Currently Available for Review (Oct - Nov, 2018)

Articles Submitted for a 'Special Issue' on Transactional Analysis

We have a forthcoming 'Special Issue' on Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy to be published in June 2019. We are working in co-operation with a team from the European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA).
They select the articles and then double-blind peer-review the articles once; and we 
double-blind peer-review the articles for a second time. The authors then get their articles back, with the 2 sets of reviews, plus any Editorial 'suggestions, prior to submitting their 'Final version'. So - for this 'Special Issue' - we currently have: