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Vol 19, No 01, Print Copy

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A “Special Issue” on Existential Therapy: Volume 19, Number 1, March 2015

Editorial: Courtenay Young
Forward to this Special Edition: Simon du Plock & Emmy van Deurzen
The Historical Development and Future of Existential Therapy: Simon du Plock & Emmy van Deurzen
Existential Therapy: The Emergence of a Relational Tradition: Roger Frie
Why St Theresia Disagreed with Martin Heidegger, and Why it Matters to Psychotherapy: Digby Tantam
The Role of Existential Philosophy and Existential Psychology for Existential Therapy: Bo Jacobsen
What Connects Psychic Suffering to Existential Ontology?: Alice Holzhey-Kunz
Existential Therapies: A review of scientific studies and their underlying philosophies: Joël Voss, Mick Cooper, Edgar Correia & Meghan Craig
In the Spirit of Play: Applied Existential Psychotherapy: Betty Cannon & Reed Lindberg
Awakening to an Awe-Based Psychology: Existential Deepening East & West: Kirk J. Schneider
The Power of Logotherapy and the Need to Develop Existential Analytical Psychotherapy: Alfried Längle
What is the Living Body in Existential Therapy?Greg Madison
A Brief Review of the History of Existential Psychotherapy in Latin America: Yaqui A. Martínez & Susana Signorelli
The Existential Approach in Group Psychotherapy: Rimantas Kočiūnas
Existential Psychotherapy & Logotherapy Societies, Centres and Training Institutes: Compiled by: Edgar Correia

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