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Vol 21, No 2, Full Print Issue

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Editorial: Courtenay Young
Special Issue on Psychodrama
Editorial to this Special Issue: Michael Wieser, Judith Teszáry, Nikos Takis, Diane Adderley
A Letter from the EAP President: Celia Scanlan
An Introduction to Psychodrama: Marcia Karp
Catharsis in Psychodrama revisited through a Psychoanalytic Lens: Nikos Takis & Zinovia Vassiliadi
A Psychodrama Strategy for Conflictual Interpersonal Relationships: Theory and Practice: Leni M.F. Verhofstadt-Denève 
Theory and Techniques of Jungian Psychodrama: Maurizio Gasseau & Leandra Perotta
Effectiveness of Psychodrama Therapy in Patients with Panic Disorders – Final Results: Galabina Tarashoeva, Petra Marinova-Djambazova & Hristo Kojuharov 
Creating a research culture in psychodrama – Networking and capacity building for research practitioners: Hannes Krall 
Psychodrama with Psychosomatic Patients: Judith Teszáry 
‘Psychodrama is Our Safe Place’: Psychodrama Group Therapy with Children and Training in the Method in the Gaza Strip: Stefan Flegelskamp & Agnes Dudler
The Moreno Museum: A long and fascinating history: René Marineau 
Book Review: Störungsspezifische Psychodramatherapie: Theorie und Praxis [Disorder-Specific Psychodrama Therapy: Theory & Practice] by Reinhard Krüger: Reviewed by Günter Büchner 
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