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Vol 22, No 2, Full Print Issue

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Volume 22 Number 2 July 2018

Editorial: Courtenay Young
Quantum Healing – A Super-Placebo? A randomised controlled study in patients with affective problems: Manuela Pietza, Harald Walach & Stefan Schmidt 
The Relationship of Attachment Styles to Quad-Model Dimensions and Primary Capacities: Yildiz Öztan Ulusoy
The Ethics of Vision in Psychotherapy: Otto Vevatne

Psychotherapy vs. Spirituality:  Part Two of an On-Going Special Issue
Article 5: Editorial to Part 2: by Courtenay Young
Article 6: Briefing Paper for Esoteric Working Group: Courtenay Young
Article 7: EAP Guideline on the issue of Psychotherapy and Religion, Spiritual Practices and Esoteric Methods
Article 8: Addressing Spiritual & Religious Issues in Counselling & Psychotherapy: William West
Article 9: A New Anatomy of Spirituality: Andrew Samuels

Book Review 1: 'Why Therapy Works: Using Our Minds to Change Our Brains': by Louis Cozolino: reviewed by Anna Król-Kuczkowska.
Book Review 2: 'Mad or Bad? A critical approach to counselling and forensic psychology': by Andreas Vossler, Catriona Havard, Graham Pike, Meg-John Barker & Bianca Raabe: reviewed by Susanne Vosmer.
Book Review 3: 'Out of the Blue': by Bill O’Hanlon: reviewed by Snezana Milenkovic.

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